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Senior business executives are busy and know the struggle of ensuring that your IT project puts round pegs into square holes. Because of our experience and focus on teamwork, SoHo Dragon ensures the project will be delivered right – the first time. (Yes, even the hairy “it must be delivered tomorrow” projects.)

What We Do

?Build great solutions
?Listen for your needs
?Deliver on time, and on budget
?Provide thought-provoking ideas

What We Don’t Do

?Baffle you with technical jargon
?Waste time in pointless meetings
?Give you the hard sell
?Submit surprise invoices


Whether you are reading the Wall Street Journal, watching news on a major media outlet, or glancing through a Mcgraw-Hill publication, it is difficult for a New Yorker to have not used services from companies that have invested their business in the Microsoft technology.


We work with companies that are growing rapidly, yet their systems stay behind. They’re stretching at the seams, and the leadership is fed up with the wasted resources on administration – and wonder why it takes so long for their workforce to finish their tasks.

SoHo Dragon doesn’t have a Sales Team. We’ve listened to the field, and a frequent complaint is that Microsoft’s solutions aren’t making the difference they’re looking for. That’s where our seasoned technologists come in, and make sure Microsoft’s software is implemented, structured, and used correctly. We make the technology work for your business!


We don’t just read books. We write them – with Microsoft! Our leadership has co-authored four best-selling SharePoint books.

Best Selling SharePoint books
Solutions & Services

Our job isn’t done after installing the Microsoft technologies; we focus on real life issues that organizations must deal with. Think of usability, adoption, content management, business process improvements, security, and so on…

After all, what good does a shiny new team site do if the workforce still emails content around with version numbers in the filename? We go that extra mile, and after creating a SharePoint environment, we offer specialized training, adoption, and implementation strategies.

We give local New York Microsoft deployments global potential.


Peter Ward
Peter Ward
Co-owner and CTO

Skilled SharePoint solution architect and collaboration software professional. Authored four best-selling SharePoint books. Determined leader, patient mentor and trustworthy partner.

Jim Blottman
Jim Blottman
Co-owner and COO

Committed and well-rounded technology executive with comprehensive experience in the IT sphere. Knowledgeable leader with proven track record of achieving consistent long-term revenue growth.

Anna Jhaveri - Tech Lead
Anna Jhaveri
Technical Lead

Extensive experience with various Microsoft technologies. Brings excellence to solution design, implementation, and product customization within different SharePoint products.

Thomas Daly
SharePoint & Office 365 Consultant

Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional. With over 14 years of experience, Daly is highly skilled at development, design, and branding.

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Our core values

Our company is built upon a foundation of these four core values:

Integrity | doing what we say we’re going to do

Leadership | making the people around us better

Commitment | helping, and taking care of customers, partners and team members

Realistic | with your timelines and expectations, our approach and the delivered technology

We bring these values to our job every day to ensure a great -working- environment for our team, partners, and customers.

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